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Ivandale Farms Meat Shop

Fresh and lean, Ivandale Farms Meat Shop offers our clients only the best in Heritage Beef and Pork. Dexter Cows
and Mulefoot Hogs have made our meat renowned for its tenderness and taste.

Free Home Delivery in Loudoun County! 


If you will not be home to accept the delivery, please leave a large cooler outside your door (large enough to fit your order).

Otherwise, in order to ensure safety of your products, we will leave a cooler with your order and you will be charged $25.00
Please call Jesse at (203) 859-2032 for more information and delivery options.
You can also fax meat orders to (540) 751-1008.
A member of our staff will be in touch to make order payment arrangements. 


Pricing Below is Per Pound.
Ground Beef $6
Filet Mignon Tenderloins $28
Filet Mignon (Whole, 3-4 lbs. per package) $27
New York Strip $18
Porterhouse $15
T-Bone $15
Sirloin $10
Sirloin Tips $10
London Broil (1.5-2 lbs. per package) $9
Delmonico $20
Prime Rib (Bone-In) $18
Eye of Round $8
Top Round $8
Chuck $8
Rump $8
Special Cuts:
Short Ribs (Thick-Cut) $6
Tongue $3
Heart $3
Liver $4
Half Steer $6
Whole Steer $6 


Pricing Below is Per Pound.
Ground Pork (No Seasoning) $6
Bacon (1 lb. package) $9
Mild Sausage (Loose - 1 lb. package) $10
Butt, Boneless (for BBQ) $6
Roast (Uncured) $4
Pork Chops - Thick Cut $9
Pork Chops - Thin Cut $10
Spare Ribs $6
Tenderloin Steak (1 lb. package) $14
Tenderloin Roast, Small $9
Sugar Cured Ham (Sliced - 1 lb. package) $10
Special Cuts:
Kidney $3.75
Liver $2.75
Half/Whole Hog $4.50
Whole Pigs (30-180 lbs.) $3.50 

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