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Our Trees & Shrubs

We have more than 20,000 trees making Ivandale Farms Nursery one of Northern Virginia's largest tree nurseries. Many of our tree species can be found below however this is not an exclusive list. Please see our Home page and our Specials page for information about pricing. We provide a selection of heirloom and rare species of trees along with more common popular varieties. 

Arborist on Staff at Ivandale Farms Nursery

Frank Bredimus, the owner of Ivandale Farms Nursery is an Arborist. He is available to provide the following services: Tree cabling to avoid splitting trees, tree risk management, lightening protection systems and selecting the right tree for conditions in your yard. 

Our Tree and Shrub Selection

With over 20,000 trees in stock in our nursery and over 200 varieties, you are sure to find trees that will add beauty and interest to your property.  
Whether you are looking for a fast growing tree for privacy, a windbreak, a flowering cherry tree reminiscent of DC’s Tidal Basin, or a tree species that lived during the dinosaur era, you will find it here.

Almond, Pink Double Flowering 10g
Amur Cork Tree 10g
Apple, Braeburn 10g
Apple, Cumberland 10g
Apple, Fuji 10g
Apple, Keepsake 10g
Apple, Macintosh 10g
Apple, Sweet 16 10g
Apricot, Moorpark 10g
Arborvitae, Dark Green
Arborvitae, Hetz Midget
Ash, Mountain 10g
Ash, White 10g
Aspen, Quaking 10g
Barberry Bush 10g
Beech, American 1g
Beech, Copper 30g
Beech, Purple 10g
Beech, Purple Weeping Fountain 10-12'
Beech, Pyramidal Hornbeam 30g
Birch, European 10g
Birch, Heritage River 15-20'
Birch, Heritage River Multi-Stem 30g
Birch, Japanese White 10g
Birch, Paper 10g
Birch, River 30g
Birch, River 1g
Birch, River 10g
Birch, River Clump 30g
Birch, River Duraheat 15'
Birch, White Canoe 10g
Birch, Yukon White 30g
Black Gum 2"
Blue Cypress, Pyramid 10-12'
Blue Spruce 4'
Blue Spruce 10g
Blue Spruce 8-10'
Blue Spruce Grafted Standard, RH Montgomery 24"
Blue Spruce, "Sander's Blue" 4'
Blue Spruce, Bacheri
Blue Spruce, Colorado 4'
Blue Spruce, Colorado Sester Dwarf 3'
Blue Spruce, Fat Albert 8-10'
Blue Spruce, Foxtail 6-8'
Blue Spruce, Gail's Skyline 6-8'
Blue Spruce, Grafted 10g
Blue Spruce, Hoops Colorado 6'
Blue Spruce, Hoopsii 6-8'
Blue Spruce, Isley Foxtail 4-6'
Blue Spruce, Kosteri 6'
Blue Spruce, Majestic 10g
Blue Spruce, Montgomery 4-6'
Blue Spruce, Montgomery 6-8'
Blue Spruce, Montgomery 10g
Blue Spruce, Shiloh 6'
Blue Spruce, Weeping 6-8'
Boxwood, American 4-6'
Boxwood, Common 6-8'
Boxwood, Graham Blandy 4'
Boxwood, Green Mountain 24"
Boxwood, True Dwarf English 24"
Boxwood, Wintergreen 6-8'
Boxwood, Wintergreen 10g
Buckeye, Ohio 10g
Buckeye, Red 10g
Burning Bush 6-8'
Bush, American Cranberry 10g
Cedar Of Lebanon 6-8'
Cedar Of Lebanon 1g
Cedar, Atlas 4'
Cedar, Blue Atlas 6-8'
Cedar, Blue Atlas 4-6'
Cedar, Blue Atlas Weeping 4'
Cedar, California Incense 10g
Cedar, Deodara 10g
Cedar, Deodara 8'
Cedar, Deodara 10-12'
Cedar, Deodara 'Kashmir' 12-15'
Cedar, Eastern Red 10g
Cedar, Goldcone Weeping Deodar 12'
Cedar, Golden Atlas 10-12'
Cedar, Weeping Alaska 5'-6'
Cedar, Weeping Alaska 10g
Cedar, Weeping Atlas 4-6'
Cedar, Weeping Blue Atlas 10g
Cedar, Western Red, American 10g
Cedar, Western Red, DeGroot's Spire 8'-10'
Cedar, Western Red, Emerald Cone 10g
Cedar, Western Red, Excelsa 6-8'
Cedar, Western Red, Green Giant 1g
Cedar, Western Red, Green Giant 6-8'
Cedar, Western Red, Green Giant 10g
Cedar, Western Red, Interior 10g
Cedar, Western Red, Rheingold 10g
Cedar, White North American 10g
Cherry, Autumnalis Flowering 30g
Cherry, Autumnalis Weeping 30g
Cherry, Beijing Gold Flowering 30g
Cherry, Black Rum 10g
Cherry, Canada Red Select 30g
Cherry, Kwanzan 3"
Cherry, Kwanzan 10g
Cherry, Kwanzan 30g
Cherry, Kwanzan Weeping 30g
Cherry, Mazzard 10g
Cherry, Mt. Fuji Flowering 30g
Cherry, Nanking White Flowering 20g
Cherry, Okame Flowering 30g
Cherry, Rainier 10g
Cherry, Snow Fountain 30g
Cherry, Snow Goose 30g
Cherry, Stella 10g
Cherry, Sweetheart 10g
Cherry, Yoshino 10g
Cherry, Yoshino 30g
Chestnut, American
Cottoneaster 24"
Crabapple, Floribunda Flowering 30g
Crabapple, Golden Raindrops Flowering 30g
Crabapple, Guinevere Flowering 30g
Crabapple, Hamlet Flowering 30g
Crabapple, Harvest Gold Flowering 30g
Crabapple, Indian Summer Flowering 30g
Crabapple, Lollipop 30g
Crabapple, Molten Lava Flowering 30g
Crabapple, Robinson Flowering 30g
Crabapple, Sargentina Flowering 10g
Crabapple, Selkirk 10g
Crape Myrtle Raspberry Sunday 8'
Crape Myrtle, Dynamite 10g
Crape Myrtle, Natchez 10g
Crape Myrtle, Pink Velour 10g
Crape Myrtle, Raspberry Sundae 6-8'
Crape Myrtle, Red Rocket 10g
Crape Myrtle, Tuscarora 10g
Cryptomeria, Black Dragon 10g
Cryptomeria, Cockscomb 4-6'
Cryptomeria, Japanica 10g
Cryptomeria, Kityama 6'
Cryptomeria, Kityama 4'
Cryptomeria, Spiralter Falcata 4-6'
Cryptomeria, Thunderhead 4'
Cryptomeria, Yoshino 12'
Cryptomeria, Yoshino 8-10'
Cryptomeria, Yoshino 10g
Cypress, Blue Blvd.
Cypress, Fern Spray 10'
Cypress, Golden Hinoki 10g
Cypress, Golden Hinoki 8'
Cypress, Leyland 6-8'
Cypress, Leyland 10-12'
Dogwood, Cornelian Cherry 10g
Dogwood, Florida 30g
Dogwood, Florida, Rubra 6-8'
Dogwood, Florida, White 10g
Dogwood, Florida, White 4-6'
Dogwood, Giant 10g
Dogwood, Kousa 4-6'
Dogwood, Kousa 10'
Dogwood, Kousa Radiant Rose 30g
Dogwood, Kousa, Celestial 2"
Dogwood, Kousa, Cherokee Princess 2"
Dogwood, Kousa, Galilean 30g
Dogwood, Kousa, Milky Way 2.5"
Dogwood, Kouza 30g
Dogwood, Pink Flowering
Dogwood, Satomi 30g
Dogwood, Stellar Pink 30g
Dogwood, Walter 10g
Dogwood, White Flowering
Elm, American 10g
Elm, Lacebark 30g
Elm, Princeton 30g
Elm, Valley Forge 30g
Eukianthus 4-6'
False Spirea 10g
Falsecypress, Goshinki 8-10'
Fig, Black Jack 1g
Fig, Black Mission 1g
Fig, Brown Turkey 1g
Fig, Texas Everbearing 1g
Fig, Texas Everbearing Fig 2-10g
Fig, Texas Everbearing Fig 10g
Fig, White Kadota 10g
Fir, Blue Douglas 10g
Fir, Blue Douglas 1g
Fir, Concolor 10g
Fir, Concolor 8-10'
Fir, Douglas Interior 10g
Fir, European Silver 10g
Fir, Nordman 10g
Fir, West Coast Douglas 10g
Forsythia, Weeping 10g
Fothergilla, Mt. Airy 4-6'
Fringetree, Chinese 4-6'
Giant Sequoia, Hazel Smith 4-6'
Giant Sequoia, Hazel Smith 12'
Giant Sequoia, Powder Blue 4-6'
Giant Sequoia, Powder Blue 12'
Ginko Biloba, Autumn Gold 6-8'
Ginko Biloba, Autumn Gold 8-10'
Ginko Biloba, Autumn Gold (Unsexed) 4-6'
Ginko Biloba, Saratoga 6-8'
Ginko Biloba, Shangri-La 6-8'
Grape, Himrod 10g
Hawthorn 10g
Hawthorn, English 10g
Hawthorn, Winter King 30g
Hawthorn, Winter King 10g
Hemlock 10g
Hemlock, Weeping 4-6'
Hetzii Topiary 8'
Hibiscus, Aphrodite 4-6'
Hillside Creeper Scotch Pine 2'
Holly, American 8'-10'
Holly, American 10g
Holly, Foster 8'-10'
Holly, Foster's 10g
Holly, Goshinki 24-30"
Holly, Greenleaf 9'
Holly, Heller
Holly, Nellie Stevens 6'-8'
Holly, Winterberry
Honeysuckle Honey Bush 10g
Hornbeam, European, Frans Fontaine 30g
Hornbeam, European, Frans Fontaine 10g
Hornbeam, Pyramidal 30g
Hydrangea, Kyushu 10g
Hydrangea, Limelight 4-6'
Hydrangea, Oak Leaf
Japanese Maple, Aka. Shigitatsu Suwa 4'
Japanese Maple, Atrolineare 4'
Japanese Maple, Beni Kawa 4'
Japanese Maple, Beni Schichihenge 4'
Japanese Maple, Beni Shi En 4'
Japanese Maple, Bloodgood 30g
Japanese Maple, Bloodgood 10g
Japanese Maple, Brandt's Dwarf 18"
Japanese Maple, Butterfly 6'
Japanese Maple, Coral Bark 4-6'
Japanese Maple, Coral Bark 4-6'
Japanese Maple, Crimson Queen 3'
Japanese Maple, Dissectum 4'
Japanese Maple, Dissectum, Baldsmith 6'
Japanese Maple, Dissectum, Viridis 3'
Japanese Maple, Dr. Seuss 18"
Japanese Maple, Elizabeth 24"
Japanese Maple, Emerald Lace Dissectum 24"
Japanese Maple, Emperor I 30g
Japanese Maple, Emperor I 6'
Japanese Maple, Englishtown 10g
Japanese Maple, Ever Red
Japanese Maple, Fernleaf Full Moon
Japanese Maple, Fireglow 6'
Japanese Maple, Fireglow 6'
Japanese Maple, Garnet Dissectum 24"
Japanese Maple, Golden Comet Full Moon 10g
Japanese Maple, Golden Full Moon 10g
Japanese Maple, Goldsmith 4'
Japanese Maple, Green Palmatum 4'
Japanese Maple, Harvest Orange
Japanese Maple, Hefner's Red 4'
Japanese Maple, Ichigyogi 4'
Japanese Maple, Japonicum 6910 4'
Japanese Maple, Junihitoe 6'
Japanese Maple, Kiyohime Yatsubusa
Japanese Maple, Koto No Ito 18"
Japanese Maple, Mika Sayama 4'
Japanese Maple, Mikawa Yatsubusa 18"
Japanese Maple, Moonfire 30g
Japanese Maple, Nishiki Gawa 4'
Japanese Maple, Orange Dream
Japanese Maple, Pixie 6'
Japanese Maple, Red Baron 4'
Japanese Maple, Red Dragon 6'
Japanese Maple, Red Select 3'
Japanese Maple, Red Select Dissectum Weeping 4'
Japanese Maple, Rhode Island Red 4'
Japanese Maple, Ruth's Red 4'
Japanese Maple, Sango Kaku 30g
Japanese Maple, Seiryu 30g
Japanese Maple, Sharp's Pygmy Dissectum 18"
Japanese Maple, Sherwood Flame 4-6'
Japanese Maple, Shigarami 6'
Japanese Maple, Shishiohime 24"
Japanese Maple, Siebold Mika Sayama 4'
Japanese Maple, Skeeter's Broom Dissectum 16"
Japanese Maple, Tama Hime 18"
Japanese Maple, Tamukeyama Dissectum 24"
Japanese Maple, Tobiosho 6-8'
Japanese Maple, Twombly's Red Sentinel 4-6'
Japanese Maple, Viridis Greenlaceleaf Dissectum 24"
Japanese Maple, Washi-no-o (Palmatifidum) 24"
Japanese Maple, Yama Kagi 4-6'
Japanese Yew, Coles 8-10'
Juniper, Bluestar 10g
Juniper, Bluestar on Standard 10g
Juniper, Chinese 6-8'
Juniper, Gold Strike 2'
Juniper, Mother Lode 10g
Juniper, Rocky Mountain 10g
Katsura 10g
Katsura 30g
Kiwi, Hardy 10g
Larch, European 10g
Larch, Hybrid 10g
Laurel, Skip 4'
Laurel, Skip 6'
Lilac Tree, Beijing Gold 30g
Lilac Tree, Japanese 10g
Lilac Tree, Summer Charm 30g
Lilac, China Snow 2"
Lilac, Common Purple 10g
Lilac, Don Wyman 10g
Lilac, Dwarf Korean 30g
Lilac, James MacFarlane Bright Pink Cloud 10g
Lilac, Paliban
Lilac, Peking 30g
Linden 30g
Linden, American Sentry 30g
Linden, Bigleaf 10g
Linden, Greenspire 2-2.5"
Linden, Rosehill 8-10'
Linden, Sterling Silver 30g
Locust, Skyline Honey 30g
London Plane Tree 30g
London Plane Tree 10g
Magnolia, Betty
Magnolia, Chinese 10g
Magnolia, Sweetbay 10-12'
Maple, Amur 1g
Maple, Armstrong 30g
Maple, Autumn Brilliance 30g
Maple, Bigleaf 1g
Maple, Brandywine Red 4"
Maple, Burgundy Belle 30g
Maple, Canada Red Select 30g
Maple, Celebration Red 30g
Maple, Celebration Red 10g
Maple, Columnar 30g
Maple, Crimson King 30g
Maple, Crimson Sentry 30g
Maple, Ginnala Flame Red 30g
Maple, Hedge
Maple, Legacy Sugar 30g
Maple, Montpelier 10g
Maple, Montpelier 30g
Maple, Norway 10g
Maple, October Glory Red 30g
Maple, Pacific Sunset Trunicatum 30g
Maple, Paperbark 2.5"
Maple, Paperbark 2"
Maple, Paperbark 1.5"
Maple, Paperbark 1g
Maple, Purple Bloom 6-8'
Maple, Red 6'
Maple, Red 30g
Maple, Red 30g
Maple, Red 10g
Maple, Red Sunset 2-2.5"
Maple, Red Sunset 3.5"
Maple, Red Sunset 4"
Maple, Red Sunset 3"
Maple, Red Sunset 10g
Maple, Red Sunset 30g
Maple, Redvein 6-8'
Maple, Shantung 30g
Maple, Siebold 3"
Maple, Silver 10g
Maple, Silver 30g
Maple, Striped (Moosewood) 1g
Maple, Sugar 2.5"
Maple, Sugar 10g
Maple, Sun Valley Red 30g
Maple, Vine 30g
Nandina, Firepower 10g
Oak, Burr 30g
Oak, Green Pillar 2"
Oak, Northern Red 30g
Oak, Pin 4-5"
Oak, Pin 30g
Oak, Prairie Stature 30g
Oak, Red 3-4"
Oak, Red 10g
Oak, Red 30g
Oak, Regal Prince 30g
Oak, Scarlett 30g
Oak, Swamp White 10-12'
Oak, Swamp White 30g
Oak, Willow
Olive, Russian 10g
Paulownian, Dragon 10g
Paulownian, Royal Empress 30g
Peach, Reliance 10g
Pear, Asian 4-6'
Pear, Bartlett 1g
Pear, Chanticlear Ornamental 30g
Pear, New Bedford Flowering 30g
Pear, Red Anjou 10g
Pear, Red Clapps 10g
Pear, Trinity 30g
Persimmon 10g
Pine, Austrian 6-8'
Pine, Austrian 10g
Pine, Bishop 4'
Pine, Bosnian 24-30"
Pine, Bosnian 1g
Pine, Bosnian Irish Bell 4'
Pine, Dwarf Himalayan 2'
Pine, Dwarf Himalayan, Nana 3'
Pine, Gold Mugo on Standard 10g
Pine, Golden "Louie" 10g
Pine, Golden Mugo 24"
Pine, Himalayan 10g
Pine, Himalayan White 1g
Pine, Japanese Black 10g
Pine, Japanese Black 10g
Pine, Japanese Black 8-10'
Pine, Japanese Black, Pom Pom 10-12'
Pine, Japanese Red, Tanyosho 10g
Pine, Japanese Umbrella 10g
Pine, Japanese White 6-8'
Pine, Japanese White 10g
Pine, Limber 3'
Pine, Limber, Vanderwolf's Pyramid 5-6'
Pine, Limber, Vanderwolf's Pyramid (Well-Sheared) 8-10'
Pine, Mugo "Big Tuna" 4-6'
Pine, Mugo, Large 24"+
Pine, Mugo, Mops 2-4'
Pine, Mugo, Small 20"
Pine, Ponderosa 10g
Pine, Sea Green Pom Pom 6-8'
Pine, Swiss Stone 6-8'
Pine, Swiss Stone 10g
Pine, Thunderhead Dwarf Black 6'-8'
Pine, White 10g
Pine, Winter Green Umbrella 4-6'
Plum, Crimson Pointe Flowering 30g
Plum, Early Italian 10g
Plum, Krauter Vesuvius Flowering 30g
Plum, Mt. St. Helens Flowering 30g
Plum, Satsuma 10g
Plum, Stanley 4-6'10g
Plum, Thundercloud Flowering 6-8'
Pom Pom Blue Blvd Falsecypress 6'
Poplar, Lombardy 10g
Poplar, Norway 10g
Poplar, Raveneau 10g
Poplar, Silver 10g
Poplar, Siouxland 10g
Poplar, Theves 10g
Poplar, Tulip 2.5"
Primrose, Prairie Yellow 10g
Privet 10g
Privet, Common 10g
Privet, English 10g
Quince, Jet Trail Flowering 10g
Raspberry, Everbearing 5g
Raspberry, Everlasting 5g
Raspberry, Full Gold 5g
Raspberry, Latham 5g
Redbud, Eastern 30g
Redbud, Forest Pansy 30g
Redbud, Forest Pansy Multi-stem 30g
Redbud, Multi-stem 30g
Redwood, Dawn 10g
Seagreen Pom Pom
Serviceberry 30g
Serviceberry, Autumn Brilliance 6-8'
Serviceberry, Rainbow Pillar 30g
Serviceberry, Shadblow 10g
Silk, E.H. Wilson
Spruce, Alberta 10g
Spruce, Alberta "Sander's Blue" 4'
Spruce, Alberta Dwarf 4'
Spruce, Blue 10g
Spruce, Little Gem 10g
Spruce, Little Gem on Standard 10g
Spruce, Norway 10g
Spruce, Norway Coulmnar 8-10'
Spruce, Norway Coulmnar 12'
Spruce, Norway Red Cone 8'
Spruce, Norway Red Cone 6'
Spruce, Norway Red Tipped 4-6'
Spruce, Norway Red Tipped 6'
Spruce, Norway Weeping 8'
Spruce, Norway Weeping 10g
Spruce, Oriental 4-6'
Spruce, Oriental "Aureospicata" 10g
Spruce, Oriental "Gowdy" 4-6'
Spruce, Oriental, Early Gold 4-6'
Spruce, Red Cone 4-6'
Spruce, Red Cone 6-8'
Spruce, Serbian 10g
Spruce, Serbian 1g
Spruce, Weeping Serbian 10-12'
Spruce, Weeping White 8'
Spruce, Weeping White 30g
Spruce, White 1g
Spruce, White Densata 10g
Stewartia, Japanese
Sweet Gum, American 30g
Sweet Gum, Warplesdon 8-10'
Viburnum, Alleghany 6-8'
Viburnum, American Cranberry Bush 10g
Viburnum, American Cranberry Bush 6-8'
Viburnum, Blackhaw 4-6'
Viburnum, Blackhaw 6'-8'
Viburnum, Chicago Luster 6'
Viburnum, Chicago Luster 10g
Viburnum, Chicago Luster 1g
Viburnum, Common Snowball
Viburnum, European Cranberry 6-8'
Viburnum, Juddii 6'
Viburnum, Mariseii 10g-6'
Viburnum, N. Burgundy 6'
Viburnum, Nanberry 10g
Viburnum, Nanberry 4-6'
Viburnum, Nanberry 6'-8'
Viburnum, North Burgundy Dentatum 4-6'
Viburnum, Pink Beauty
Viburnum, Red Feather Arrowood 10g
Vitex (Chaste Tree) 10g
Walnut 10g
Walnut, Black 10g
Walnut, English 4-6'
Walnut, English 10g
Weigela, Wine and Roses 10g
Whitebud, Eastern 30g
Willow, Babylon Weeping 30g
Willow, Blue Arctic 30g
Willow, Corkscrew 30g
Willow, Hakuro Nishiki 30g
Willow, Niobi Weeping 10g
Willow, Pussy 10g
Willow, Weeping 30g
Yellowood, American 30g
Yew, 'Densus Forma' 4'
Yew, Coles 6'
Yew, Coles 4'
Yew, Japanese, Kitaba 8-10'
Zelkova, Green Vase 30g
Zelkova, Musashinoa 30g
Zelkova, Village Green 30g

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